Leo Diamond – The Most Brilliant Diamond Cut


What is The Leo Diamond?


The Leo diamond is the most brilliant diamond cut on the market today. It is optically engineered to maximize brilliance and fire. As light plays through its facets, a Leo ring will have noticeably greater sparkle through its optically superior scintillation properties. This should be clearly noticeable in a side-by-side comparison between a Leo ring and a conventionally cut diamond ring of equal grades.


Conventional round brilliant and princess cut diamonds are well known as the most brilliant conventional cuts for diamonds. These cuts both utilize 58 facets. The secret of Leo diamonds is the unique handcrafted cut with a patented 66 facet arrangement. The cut comes in two variations, the traditional Leo round brilliant and the more contemporary Leo diamond princess cut. Each of these Leo diamond cuts have the 66 facet arrangement and both have roughly equal brilliance. However, when compared to their conventional counterparts, the Leo cuts far out-shine their conventional round brilliant and princess cut equivalents.


A technical term for brilliance is “Return of Light”. All Leo diamonds are independently measured from five different angles for their return of light from the reputable GemEx gemological laboratories. With this certification you can be assured that your Leo ring is not only genuine but also visibly more brilliant than a conventional diamond of the equivalent carat weight, color, and clarity, in every respect.




Leo Schachter and the History of the Leo Diamond


Leo diamonds are created by the company Leo Schachter Diamonds. The company was founded in 1952 but it was not until 2000, where, as a leading diamond company, it first unveiled the Leo diamond onto the world. At the time, Leo Schachter's diamond had the most facets of any diamond cut. Since then, different diamond cuts with far more facets have been designed. However, diamond facets alone do not determine brilliance and it is their specific alignments, angles, and sizes that optimize optical properties. To this day, the Leo diamond is widely considered to be the most brilliant diamond cut in the world.


Setting for Leo Diamond Rings


In order to emphasize the brilliance of Leo diamond rings, we recommend a more open ring setting. Open settings allow maximum exposure to light which will make your Leo ring stand out with its sparkle, fire, and sheer brilliance. There are literally hundreds of possible diamond ring settings to choose from but most four to six pronged settings will ideally showcase the brilliance of your Leo diamond. By contrast, more enclosed settings such as channel and bezel settings are great settings in their own right but perhaps not worth getting a Leo diamond for, as they do not showcase the brilliance of the Leo diamond as effectively. For more help on selecting a ring and and other advice, see our article on the Leo Diamond Engagement Ring.



Leo Diamond Ring with Four Prong Setting


A simple but elegant 4 prong setting, an ideal Leo ring setting.


Whatever setting you end up choosing, there are plenty of options for size, as Leos are cut in ranges from a one half carat diamond up to a full 3 carat diamond. Engagement rings are not the only popular pieces of jewelry with this sparkling diamond cut. Another great Leo ring choice is an anniversary ring and Leo diamond earrings and pendants always make a great impression. Leo diamonds also work in men's diamond rings although these rings often utilize more enclosed and protected settings.


Leo Diamond Review – How Effective is a Leo Ring?


In the real world, outside of a diamond lab, how noticeable is the brilliance of a Leo? This painfully straightforward question is something every diamond buyer would like to know but every diamond enthusiast or “expert” has their own Leo diamond review. Leo diamonds are regularly valued at 20% or 30% higher than conventional cuts. As diamonds are hand cut, the quality of each individual diamond cut will be nearly as important to brilliance as the name of the cut. This should be reflected on the individual certificates. Obviously, as with any cut it is possible to get a low quality Leo diamond ring although the cost will generally reflect this as well.


In good faith, we cannot provide a blanket Leo diamond review for all Leo rings. However, after comparing the Leo cuts side-by-side with equal conventional diamonds, we could tell they were noticeably more vibrant and sparkly. Brilliance and sparkle are prominent features of diamonds and if you highly value them, you will certainty not regret purchasing a Leo ring. However, if other features like carat weight, clarity, color, or different diamond cuts appeal highly to you, you may wish to go with a higher grade conventional diamond at the same price point. If this is the case, check out Halo Engagement and James Allen as the go-to sources for quality and information on buying a diamond online.


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Personally I prefer Leo rings but this is personal preference. The most important features of a diamond are and always well be how beautiful it looks to you and well the style fits you (or your girl). Whether you choose the Leo diamond or another cut, make sure it is a diamond and ring that you will love!

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